Sustainability Framework


Carbon Dashboard

The DHL Carbon Dashboard is a comprehensive carbon emission reporting tool that provides CO2 KPI monitoring, analytical and planning scenarios for beneficial supply chain decision making.
This new version 2.0 comes with a more user-friendly interface and additional analytical capabilities to pinpoint graphically where fuel was used and how CO2 emissions were generated.


Data Robot

The Data Robot automates data cleansing and integration, transforming data from data supplier with different datasets into a common data model to be used by supply chain or logistic systems.

Whilst the initial focus is on carbon emission data, this generic data transformation tool can be applied to any systems that require consistent and standard datasets for computations, analysis or visualisation.

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Carbon Calculator

The Carbon Calculator enables customers to plan up to 10 multi-leg and multi-mode shipping scenarios and calculate carbon footprint with ease and interactivity.
The dynamic form inputs for location search, mode change and shipment routing is paired with an interactive world map, allowing users to view the expected transport mode specific routing for each leg of their scenario. The analysis section features a quick view of aggregated scenario indicators, and a visual comparison of the carbon impact across all scenarios.


Road King

DHL Supply Chain’s automated cost modeling tool for internal users and external transport vendors.

The Road King is a transport cost modeling wizard that captures and analyses transport solution costs for potential customers. The wizard provides a guided approach to planning and presenting transport costs, providing cost comparisons and sustainability indicators.

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Sustainability Heatmap

A Heat Map with global profiling of areas and trends on sustainable jobs and news.

The heatmap is powered by GTL’s website crawler that searches approved sites based on keywords.


Energy Certificate

DHL’s Online Energy Certificate platform equipped with What- If analysis on energy efficiency indicators and Warehouse Portfolios.

The Online Energy Certificate is a self-service platform that provides interactive updates on warehouse data and measures the energy efficiency of a warehouse operation by normalising the energy consumption against a set of ‘benchmark’ data.

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Optimus helps customers identify the number of optimal container sizes to use for your shipments and recommends consolidation option for shipping from many origin ports to one or more destination ports.
Seaborne trade has been growing at 3% on average for the last seven years and is expected to continue growing. The Shipment Consolidation model is powered by an intelligent algorithm based on optimal routing parameters to enable quick planning of multi-origin and multi-destination ocean shipments while minimizing CO2 footprint.

The growing scarcity of energy resources and the simultaneous increase in demand pose huge challenges for every industry.
Stephan Schablinski, GTL Director
GTL will continue to innovate, develop tools and build capabilities that address the sustainability challenges
Logistics can help reduce the dependence on natural resources to keep supply chains perform reliably and economically in the future.

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